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Warren SACK, Film and Digital Media Department, UC Irvine
John KELLY, Center on Organizational Innovation, Columbia University
Michael DALE, Digital Arts/New Media, UC Santa Cruz
Searching the Net for Differences of Opinion

David Schlosberg, Northern Arizona University
Stephen Zavestoski, University of San Francisco
*Stuart Shulman, University of Pittsburgh
Deliberation and Mass Participation in U.S. Regulatory Rulemaking

Peter Shane, Ohio State University and Carnegie Mellon
Turning GOLD into EPG: Lessons from Low-Tech Democratic Experimentalism for Electronic Rulemaking and Other Ventures in Cyberdemocracy

Bayle Shanks, Computational Neurobiology Program, UCSD
Dana Dahlstrom, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of California, San Diego
Parliament: a module for parliamentary procedure software

Stuart Shulman, Info Sci / Public and International Affairs, UPittsburgh
Whither Deliberation? Mass E-Mail Campaigns and U.S. Regulatory Rulemaking

Karen Smith, Faculty of Applied Sciences, School Of Communication, Simon
Democratic Renewal and Rationalization: Mobilizing Citizens Before Technology

Jeffrey Sonstein, Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology
The xVRML Project: Building Web-based 3D virtual environments in XML

Nicole Spencer, Partners of the Americas
Virtual Deliberation: Creating a Shared Hemispheric Agenda

Cathryn Staring-Parrish, University of Alberta
School Communities, School Decision Making, and ICTs

Russell Stockard, California Lutheran University
Is There a Deliberation Divide?

Jennifer Stromer-Galley, University at Albany, SUNY
Decoding Deliberation

Brian Sullivan, Public Dialog Systems
Presentation of CivicEvolution: An online initiative for practical civic engagement

Stacey Sutton, Informatics HCI, Indiana University
Online Guidelines: An Interactive Tool for Upgrading to Electronic Voting

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