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Peter Mambrey, Fraunhofer-FIT Institute for Applied Information Technology
Community Interface Design to foster the Political Engagement of Citizens: What can we learn from groupware experiences

*Bernard Manin, Dept. of politics, New York University
Azi Lev-on, Dept. of politics, New York University
Online Deliberation and Exposure to Opposing Views

Michael Meehan, Stanford University
Virtual Property and the Rule of Law

Hélène MICHEL, IREGE Université de Savoie
Domique KREZIAK, IREGE Université de Savoie
Can simulation games influence citizen's attitude and behaviour vis-à-vis online public debate?

Hélène MICHEL, IREGE - Université de Savoie
Cognitive maps of e-voting : An exploratory approach of citizens representations

laurence Monnoyer-Smith, University of Technology of Compiègne, France
Is deliberation on the Internet a democratic improvement for a better governance ?

Péter Munkácsi, Hungarian Patent Office
Copyleft - Copyright? Challenges for Civil Societies in the New EU Member States from Eastern Europe

Katherine Murray, Dept. of Communication / Stanford U
Daniel Schneider, Dept. of Communication / Stanford U
Young voters and political web sites as means of deliberation. How young Americans and Germans use political web sites to get information, participate in discussions and get involved in politics

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