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Hélène MICHEL, IREGE Université de Savoie
Domique KREZIAK, IREGE Université de Savoie
Can simulation games influence citizen's attitude and behaviour vis-à-vis online public debate?

Gunnar Ristroph, Caltech
Case Studies of Online Deliberation: The Debian Project and Wikipedia

Henry Williams, and

Hélène MICHEL, IREGE - Université de Savoie
Cognitive maps of e-voting : An exploratory approach of citizens representations

Peter Mambrey, Fraunhofer-FIT Institute for Applied Information Technology
Community Interface Design to foster the Political Engagement of Citizens: What can we learn from groupware experiences

Ka-Ping Yee, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley
Marti Hearst, School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley
Content-Centered Discussion Mapping

Péter Munkácsi, Hungarian Patent Office
Copyleft - Copyright? Challenges for Civil Societies in the New EU Member States from Eastern Europe

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